These materials may be downloaded and printed from the following files.

WIC  The Go To Place for Breastfeeding Poster

WIC The Go To Place for Breastfeeding Spanish

WIC The Go To Place for Breastfeeding English

Breastfeeding Food Packages Booklet

BF Food Package 2015

Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Project

10 Easy Steps - Presentation

10 Easy Steps - Bag Contents

Self-Appraisal Questionnaire

10 Easy Steps - Sample Evaluation

10 Easy Steps - Step by Step

Educational Pamphlets --

Got Enough Milk?  Yes You Do!

Sleepy Baby

Sleepy Baby - English

Questions - Sleepy Baby -- English

Sleepy Baby - Spanish

Questions -- Sleepy Baby -- Spanish

Grandmothers Tea Project

Grandmothers Tea Curriculum

Grandmothers Tea Flyer

Grandmothers Tea Outline

Grandmothers Tea Scenario Cards

Hospital Advocacy Project

BF Bill of Rights

Hospital Experience - Pleased

Hospital Experience - Disappointed

Breastfeeding is Smart Business

Breastfeeding is Smart Business

Awards Programs Guidelines

Smart Business Awards application


Peer Counselor Program

Contact to see if free materials are available for any of these items.  Otherwise, all materials may be downloaded and printed.